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aircraft maintenance fee of 300 thousand years from the boss too much money when rental subsidies
Date: 2015-10-16 [Back]

aircraft maintenance fee of 300 thousand years from the boss too much money when rental subsidies

Can afford to buy a car, certainly afford a car, this sentence is not applicable to the aircraft on the. A year of operation and maintenance of aircraft maintenance costs, generally by 10% to 20% of the total aircraft to calculate. That is to say, they sell the cheapest models, the annual light operation and maintenance of at least 300 thousand yuan.
Miss he had done in Ningbo aircraft sales, sold two aircraft. She said that many people buy a plane, on the one hand is to meet the needs of travel, on the other hand does have a little to show off.
"Generally buy aircraft owner occupied by the boss, only two time period is happy, and the rest are very painful. One is the time to buy the aircraft, the other one is when the aircraft sold out." Miss he said, but the current domestic second-hand aircraft sold not see.
A new Miss customer, a boss Wang Jinhua bought the aircraft, will have a different idea.
Mr. Wang said, spent about 20000000 yuan to buy the aircraft, the money he occupied more cash flow, so consider a long time to order.
2 months later, the plane arrived, Mr. Wang love or not, from Jinhua to Shanghai to fly to. But he soon tangled: a preliminary estimate, he find a general airport managed aircraft, a pilot, the annual cost is the price of the aircraft 10% to 15%, at least about 2000000 yuan. Flight 100 hours a year according to calculation, average hours of operation cost is 20 thousand. The annual fixed to spend millions on the plane.
Mr. Wang said: "although we have this money, but rationally speaking, or some luxury." Now, he wants to put the aircraft leased to others, or receive rent.
But Mr. Wang said that he knew some friends, bite a tooth also want to buy a plane, in order to enter the circle of communication, "in contact with high-end rich opportunity, chatting chatting, maybe there is a business deal negotiated it."

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