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Ningling guy Shi Songbo aircraft model to make a lot of money
Date: 2015-10-14 [Back]

Lou Xiang Liu Lu Ji Cun, Ningling County 29 year old loose waves, development and sale of the aircraft model story, recently became a big news.
Shi Songbo's family is a farmer. From the age of 17, he began to go out to work, to explore the leisure time of aircraft manufacturing. More than ten years, the cumulative income of more than 40 yuan.
For the promotion of space technology in the home, in June this year, he decided to quit a company in Shenzhen, Guangdong province paid hired back Ningling, pocket 30 million yuan, development of space vehicles.
A rural guy, why is it so obsessed with the spacecraft? It turned out that when he was on the primary school, his older brother in Xi'an Aeronautical Engineering college. Every time he comes home with some knowledge of aviation magazine or technical information, to see the picture of the plane, when the aircraft has been a great interest in the plane. From primary school until now, his enthusiasm for the aircraft has not diminished.
Ever since he was on the plane, he has been dreaming of flying around the clouds, in the sight of the clouds, in class, walking, eating, almost without stopping. Later, when the wave is aware of the purchase is not likely to buy a plane, and then understand that many of the domestic and foreign fans to make their own things, they feel that they can build a. From then on, when the wave began to imagine the aircraft production process and process.
17 years old that year, when the wave began to work south. After work, he often know the aircraft model, the model of learning from the preparation, aviation knowledge. Before long, he had the privilege of participating in the design work of the aviation model company. He understood that the plane is a complex, a complete aircraft has a lot of different production process, must be one one. In order to practice the ability to do a lot of aircraft model. Gradually, he is more and more understanding of the aircraft, the need to make the aircraft more and more familiar with various materials and equipment, technical ability is also slowly enhanced, so gradually produced a detailed design and production planning.
For more than a decade, he has developed the model of the aircraft, which is favored by many aviation models. He himself had a lot of money. Ningling county Party Committee United Front Work Department, County Technology Bureau comrades know this after the event, reported to the county government, Ningling county magistrate Ma Tong and met with loose waves, the pair loose waves returned home to engage in the spirit of scientific research and give fully affirmed, said to give strong support in the capital and technology. Encourage him to continue to work hard, the spacecraft to make contributions to the industrial and agricultural production, weather monitoring, aerial rescue, etc..

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