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Hefei xinqiao airport of departure flights starting on hefei - pudong
Date: 2013-05-30 [Back]

Hefei xinqiao airport of departure flights starting on hefei - pudong

07:55 on May 30, the first class of formal operations MU5468 successful flight fly from hefei xinqiao international airport, marking the hefei xinqiao international airport was put into operation.

Xinqiao airport this morning, according to fly often must start MU5468 flight from hefei to Shanghai pudong. Have to oneself to land in Shanghai pudong airport. On airbus A320 aircraft - 200, xinqiao airport starting another planned flight MU5435 in 07:58 off from hefei, is expected to 200 landed in chengdu, later than MU5468 take-off for three minutes.
Since mid-december 1977 run hefei luogang airport will complete his mission, 24:00 on May 29, 2013. On May 30, zero, xinqiao airport officially opened. Flights every week there will be more than 630 classes, domestic routes except Tibet, wuhan and nanjing basic access across the country, international and regional flights to Seoul and jeju island, Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Osaka, Japan, the Philippines, Taipei and kaohsiung in Taiwan, Hong Kong, macau, etc. At the same time, relevant departments are actively planning, plans to Frankfurt international air routes this year... Predicts 2040, hefei xinqiao international airport, passenger and cargo throughput will reach 42 million and 580000 tons respectively.



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