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Battery fire of Japan airlines Boeing 787 returned to Japan
Date: 2013-05-21 [Back]

Battery fire of Japan airlines Boeing 787 returned to Japan

of Japan Airlines, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "jal") Boeing 787 flew to narita international airport in the afternoon on the 19th, returning to Japan after nearly four months. Jal, including the seven Boeing 787, 6 month will return to fly international routes.

According to the airline, the Boeing 787 for investigation for the transportation safety board, and the bans issued by the federal aviation administration, have been stranded at the Boston airport.
Bans lifted on late April, the damage parts of maintenance and battery system modification have also been completed. Since May 15 flight in the United States everything is normal, jal decided to let it return to Japan. After the flight without passengers, passenger plane arrived in narita is unchecked exceptions.

Battery fire accident happened in the local time on January 7. Aircraft from narita to Boston the electrical equipment room at the back of the aft fuselage battery burst into flames. After the accident 183 people on the jet made it out safely.

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