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China southern debut large chongqing will contact airbus aircraft model into a "star"
Date: 2013-05-19 [Back]

China southern debut large chongqing will contact airbus aircraft model into a "star"

May 16-19, China southern airlines made its debut in chongqing international expo center held the 16th "chongqing will contact". Booth site a 2.5 meters long large southern airlines airbus A380 aircraft model attracts a lot of people stop to appreciate. It is reported, China southern will begin in October by the A380 on guangzhou to Sydney route, this is the guangzhou - Los Angeles routes after A380 operated the second international routes.
Exhibition site, the China southern airlines has opened international routes and plateau transit products. Staff also staged a series of wonderful shows and interactive activities, attracted many spectators.

According to understand, June 19, China southern airlines will open new routes from guangzhou non-stop flight to Moscow, and will choose the airbus 330-200 wide-bodied aircraft, first class, business class is equipped with flat seat can be 180 degrees, full tank equipped with rich personal entertainment system, will bring more comfortable for passengers and itsdifferent flight experience.

In addition, China southern will receive China's first Boeing 787 s to the end of June, the first put into operation after Beijing guangzhou route, will be put into international routes.
China southern airlines officials said, the choice in chongqing just to, show that they attach great importance to chongqing aviation market. The person mentioned, one of the four main hub for southern China, chongqing in recent years, China southern airlines captain in plateau, plateau type allocate time and routes, and sales network carried out vigorously in such aspects as investment.

China southern chongqing market has developed rapidly, he said, has been launched eminem - chongqing - Shanghai, and guangzhou - chongqing - eminem and shipping routes, in the future, China southern airlines will continue to expand the route network.

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