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Shantou air a 737-300 finally complete historical mission discharged from active service
Date: 2013-05-10 [Back]

Shantou air a 737-300 finally complete historical mission discharged from active service

see the CAAC vientiane updated new atmosphere, see the chaoshan aviation market better prospects and the future.

On May 8, with Shantou aviation co., Ltd. (Shantou Airlines Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "shanyou air") a number of B - 2926 Boeing 737-300 in jieyang chaoshan airport (hereinafter referred to as "chaoshan airport") fly off to fly to its final home the United States, at this point, in shanyou air Boeing 737-300 with a history of 20 years running models successfully completed its historical mission, officially retired from the operation.
Boeing 737-300 bear witness to chaoshan the growth of the aviation market

First Boeing 737-300 aircraft was in April 20, 1993 in shantou sand outside the airport, and ended the chaoshan region have no history of the plane. Since then, shanyou air successively introduced 7 type with the plane.

This batch of Boeing 737-300 saw the chaoshan civil aviation development since the childhood, from the history of the weak strength. Over the past 20 years, which the chaoshan opened up the aviation market in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, etc. A large number of domestic and foreign routes; Undertaken in numerous foreign heads of state and leaders of the country's important activities designed charter flight task and rescue and disaster relief, the transportation security work.

On December 14, 2011, 9 PM 10 points, B - 2926 aircraft from sand outside the airport reach new chaoshan airport, became the first complete turn.
With 20 years to really loathe to give up

Short farewell ceremony held in the day, shanyou air staff are in front of the Boeing 737-737 aircraft to pose for photos, to the old partner affectionate farewell of 20 years of service.

"Company for 20 years, 737, in this farewell, is really very loathe to give up." , said that by 1993 new Boeing 737-300, a lot of shanyou air remember old captain, old employees. Twinkling of an eye, these accompany the twenty years shanyou air plane is out of shantou aircraft team, many fought together with the staff is very.

According to introducing, since 1993 began serving, Boeing 737-300 and he has always been the main sandstones, traffic models. In 2009, Boeing 737-300 fleet size reached seven, taking on more than 70% of the production tasks, as the tide
new and old replace adapt to market development needs

The Boeing 2006-737, 2006 years ago, is one of the preferred airline passenger exchanges the chaoshan area, also become the guangdong area opening to the outside world, investment promotion and capital introduction of shiny card.

But as the machine is old and has not meet the needs of the development of chaoshan aviation market fast. According to shanyou air drawn up the twelfth five-year development plan, starting in 2012 shanyou air increased the pace of the introduction of new aircraft, in the first half of 2013 and decided to phase out all old Boeing 737-300.

Aircraft replacement is not only the need of shanyou air strategic transformation, is also the needs of the development of chaoshan aviation market. As 737-300 are all retired, instead will be 13 occupancy is more and more advanced performance of a new generation of Boeing 737-800; According to understand, as this year in September 13 plane introduced in place and will decline to shanyou aircraft team average age 2.76 years, reached the international advanced MinHangJie level, which will further enhance the capacity of oil shipping camp security, for the chaoshan provide stronger support the rapid development of the aviation market.


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